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Our story

The beginning

Schweizer Electronics Ltd. was founded as the legal successor of Swiss Electronics Ltd. on 15.11.2011. Initially, we performed the distribution and servicing of the products and small appliances of the Swiss-based TRISA Electro AG. as the Eastern Europe partners, and also provided these services to WeJURA Elektroapparate AG, which was also based in Switzerland.

Our job was to distribute, install and service coffee machines – both for home and commercial use. Since November 2005, we have been continuously servicing the home and professional coffee machines of Nestlé NESPRESSO S.A., also based in Switzerland. On August 22, 2006 in Kőszeg, we started the repair of the LAURASTAR brand ironing systems. As a result of the good and successful cooperation, we have been granted the right of Central European Service from 1 January 2007.

At the moment we are servicing MARTELLO capsule coffee machines sold by Superespresso A.G in Hungarian Aldi warehouses and in Hofer warehouses both in Austria and Slovenia, as well as Lavazza OCS capsule coffee machines and Cremesso capsule coffee machines.

Our mission

We at Schweizer Elektronik are adamant that quality and customer service are key to our success.

The basic principle of our company quality policy is to win the trust and satisfaction of our customers by competing in the market with the quality of our work and products, continuous control, optimization, coordination of processes, ensuring continuous development and the highest level of environmental protection.

Not only do we want to strengthen our current position in the market, we also want to expand – we strive for a leading position. We know that the living conditions of future generations are shaped by previous generations, and the most important of them is a clean, well-kept environment, so we always bear in mind the importance of protecting the environment.

Business structure

Our company is 100% Hungarian owned (by two owners), operated by ISO 9001: 2009 and HACCP.

Gábor Kovács - director

+36 30 6776 135


Eszter Olaszy Kovácsné - director

+36 30 6776 137


Our Locations


9724 Lukácsháza, Kerti row 11.

main location

9721 Gencsapáti, Ipari way 1.

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