We are looking for additional partners in the field of service, manufacturing, warehouse logistics and assembly to utilize our spare capacity. The thorough professionalism and decades of experience of our employees guarantee quality, both in the field of manufacturing and after-sales service.

Our Main Location

Gencsapáti - Hungary

9721 - Gencsapáti, Ipari way 1.

In Gencsapáti, we have a 400 + 400m sq m hall with the appropriate infrastructure to start any production immediately.  Our main location is 20km from the Austrian S31 motorway. It also functions as an office, workshop and warehouse.

Distances from Our Main Location

Munich - Germany

550 km

Wien - Austria

120 km

Budapest - Hungary

250 km

Ljubljana - Slovenia

310 km

Our other Location

Szombathely - Hungary

9700 - Szombathely, Teleki Blanka street 29-31.

Here, we perform the cleaning and refurbishing of food and beverage machines.

Our International Reception Points:

9205 - Hodoš 3. / Slovenia

2851 - Krumbach, Unterhaus 33 / Austria

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